Argus Technologies

Specializing in GIS-based, mobile geophysical technologies

Argus Technologies, a Tremaine Company, is a near-surface geophysical consulting firm. We specialize in mobile (towed) technologies for cost-effective and rapid collection of geo-located data. Our noninvasive methods provide fundamental information regarding the variability of subsurface materials, lateral trends in soil and rock, and the presence or absence of buried infrastructure. We offer vital support to engineering and environmental clients involved in critical infrastructure projects such as tunnels, roads, pipelines, power plants, landfills, water supplies, airports, dams, and levees. Our aim is to provide key subsurface data in advance of project design to reduce assumptions. Clients consider what we offer a smart investment; knowing more about site conditions up front reduces the risk of facing problems mid-project when delays in schedule or changes in design can result in escalating delays and costs.

Argus News

Argus Receives IDEA Grant

The Transportation Research Board awarded Argus a grant to use the EM3 as subsurface scoping tool in roadway projects.


Read about our highway work in Ignition a publication of the Transportation Research Board.