Rod Sorenson

Mechanical Engineer, Prototype Fabricator

Rod Sorenson earned his B.S. in Mathematics in 1971, from California State University, Sacramento. He then began a career as a metalcraft engineer, performing testing operations in chassis rigidity and suspension dynamics for General Motors. He was in charge of programming and operation of CNC and manual machinery, metal fabrication, welding, product inspection, testing, painting, inventory planning, transportation, and management for equipment and crews for a period of 27 years. He then began teaching at the Department of Physics at California State University, Sacramento, in the fields of Calibration, Automated Manufacturing, and Programming for Automated Machinery. He also served as a prototype fabricator for faculty and students involved in research, with extensive experience in testing and test data evaluation. He has designed the current platforms for both the EM3 and Discover instruments. Currently, Rod devotes part of his time to the advancement and exploitation of unobtrusive electromagnetic geophysical technologies coupled with high resolution GPS systems and high speed data logging for Argus Technologies.

(916) 376-0656 x108